Rachel Druzbik

“Blending the art of communication with the heart of community building, I’ve found my calling in turning narratives into bridges – connecting people, passions, and possibilities.” – Rachel Druzbik

Lead Copywriter | 2024 – Present

Get to know the driving force behind our engaging content and community outreach at Belēv X – Rachel, a dedicated wife and mother, and a dynamic professional with over 12 years of diverse experience. Rachel’s journey is a testament to her incredible ability to harmonize family and professional responsibilities, thriving in both realms with grace and determination.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, earned in 2009, Rachel initially embraced the role of an elementary school teacher. Her five-year tenure in education laid the foundation for her exceptional communication and people skills.

Transitioning to a seven-year career in law enforcement, Rachel’s role evolved into a community relations officer. Here, she collaborated with Belēv X’s owner, Samuel, crafting impactful community events and social media campaigns that bridged the gap between law enforcement and the community. This period honed her abilities in organizing, strategizing, and executing initiatives that resonate with diverse groups.

Upon retiring from law enforcement to focus on family, Rachel’s undiminished passion for community building and education found a new outlet in marketing. At Belēv X, she infuses her unique blend of experiences into creating and editing a wide array of content – from blogs to press releases. Her talent for crafting narratives that connect and captivate is unparalleled.

Rachel’s warm and engaging personality extends into her client interactions, fostering lasting relationships built on trust and mutual understanding. Her joy in editing and producing content that strikes the perfect chord makes her an indispensable part of the Belēv X team.

Connect with Belēv X today and discover how Rachel’s expertise, along with our dedicated team, can elevate your brand and build a community around it. Let’s create something extraordinary together!


  • Educational Expert: Holds a Bachelor's in Elementary Education, honing foundational communication skills.
  • Experienced Teacher: Five years in elementary education, developing organizational and pedagogical expertise.
  • Law Enforcement Veteran: Seven years in law enforcement, focusing on community relations and project management.
  • Community Project Collaborator: Spearheaded multiple community initiatives, showcasing audience engagement skills.
  • Bridge Builder: Excelled in connecting diverse groups in both educational and law enforcement roles.
  • Marketing Enthusiast: Transitioned to marketing, applying unique insights to content creation and brand storytelling.
  • Content Creator: Skilled in crafting diverse marketing materials, from blogs to press releases.
  • Client Relationship Expert: Renowned for exceptional client engagement and relationship-building skills at Belēv X.

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