A creative agency based in South Florida

Discover Belēv X: Where Digital Dreams Take Flight

Welcome to Belēv X, the paramount of digital excellence. Strategically situated in South Florida, our essence transcends that of a typical digital boutique. Here, innovation and creativity converge to shape the digital realm.

Charting Our Course

Our inception was marked by a deep passion for Facebook and Instagram Advertising. But our vision was larger. We aspired to fuse data precision with creative genius, and today, we proudly spearhead a comprehensive suite of digital services.

Leading with Vision

At the helm is Samuel, our Strategy Maestro. His diverse and accomplished background spanning army tours, police service, and a coveted MBA, instills Belēv X with unparalleled strategic direction. Partnering him is Katie, our Community Director. With an impressive tenure in cruise ship logistics and an innate ability to foster relationships, she crafts communities that resonate and engage.

Our Service Spectrum

We are driven to exceed expectations. From meticulously designed websites that mirror your brand ethos, to Local SEO strategies that place you at the forefront – we are the vanguard of digital innovation. And with our cutting-edge 3D rendering, we offer a glimpse into the future of visual engagement.

Why Choose Belēv X?

At the core of Belēv X is a commitment to distinction. We prioritize collaborative engagements, ensuring every campaign is a shared journey towards success. Our dedication to excellence is unwavering, promising results that empower and uplift.

Embark on a transformative digital journey with Belēv X. Your vision, our expertise.

Our Team: The Digital Maestros

At the heart of Belēv X lies a team that’s as dynamic as the digital world we navigate. Meet the stalwarts who channel their diverse backgrounds and unrivaled expertise into crafting transformative digital experiences for our clients.

Katie Hertel-Farrell

Community Director

Samuel Phanor

Founder & Marketing Strategist

Daniela Valencia

Content Creator

Rachel Druzbik

Lead Copywriter

Start Your Digital Revolution with Belēv X

At Belēv X, it’s more than just marketing; it’s a partnership. Together, we navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring your brand remains at the pinnacle of innovation and relevance.